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"Agriculture is the only industry that can remove #emissions while it works. Agriculture is not the problem, it's part of the solution to #climatechange," @MairaDzelzkalej Latvian Farmers’ Parliament, & @J_Ccollins @Corteva CEO explains new #agtech is key. #NAEU19 @COPACOGECA https://t.co/fabHtOLXD1

The NFU are proud to support  @COPACOGECA's  #MeatTheFacts campaign, which aims to present the facts about the livestock industry to help customers make more informed choices.
Read more here:  https://t.co/tAFsZaLOJV

🆕 The European Commission launched the new Fruit & Vegetables market observatory!

Here you will find regularly updated data on the production, prices and trade of tomatoes 🍅, apples 🍏, peaches & nectarines🍑 and more 🍐🍋🍊

https://t.co/mKAZyV5W4V https://t.co/nbrx5dxEnv

Some #FridayFun on the farm 😉🐂🐐
Some seem more amooooosed than others 😆
#FarmFun #FriYAY #livestock https://t.co/cugu5g9clJ
LADbible @ladbible
These goats love using their cow friend as a climbing frame, but I don't think the cow is very 'amoosed' 😂😂 https://t.co/d0vFHFAgZr

Our Policy Advisers Riccardo Siligato & @PauladeVeraCC1 are taking part in @EFSA_EU Stakeholders forum, where they also presented the outcome of the reflections of the roundtable hosted during the Forum "Next steps for public engagement through crowdsourcing." https://t.co/lgWvQ0ZI7F COPACOGECA photo

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Copa-Cogeca is the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU, representing 23 million farmers, pressing for a strong agriculture sector.