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3rd one up was actually an aquaculture shrimp🦐 farm! A big hit with visitors who got to learn about shrimp breeding, aquaculture and also tast some delicious grilled shrimps! 😁
Great day for a farm open day!
@Boerenbond #dagvandelandenbouw https://t.co/iIhJHZnAza

2nd up a dairy 🐮farm producing milk, cheeses 🧀, yogurt and delicious ice-cream🍦! Every year they also organize a bbq, concerts and a traditional 🚜 blessing ceremony with is quite a big hit with the kids 😉
Did we mention the🍦?
Lovely 👪 day at a farm! #dagvandelandbouw https://t.co/cvJbOilRON

1st up a fruit farm where they grow delicious apples 🍏🍎& pears 🍐 and make amazing 100% fruit juices 😍 They also organized a small farmers market where you could by their products but also honey, 🇧🇪 wine, #FruitVeg4You & also some delicious rapeseed products! #dagvandelandbouw https://t.co/d5gkxy85A2 COPACOGECA photo

A perfect sunny day in 🇧🇪 for an open farm day organised by @Boerenbond! Today is a day of celebration of farmers hard work and their produce #boerentrots!
We took the opportunity to visit tree very different ones... Check them out⬇️
1/4 https://t.co/rw97oQdiFT

@EU_Social @EUAgri Geopa-Copa endorses the European Employers’ statement calling @EU_Commission & ESF managing authorities in the MSs to design EU & national initiatives aimed at supporting investment in skills and job matching with social partners. See more 👉 https://t.co/H1S4Cmor9H

@EU_Social @EUAgri 2/3
Rapid technological change, declining population and ageing workforce also have been affecting the sector’s productivity.
Apart from the economic losses (due to insufficient labour supply) social losses will also be felt in rural areas if these challenges are not overcome.👇

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Copa-Cogeca is the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU, representing 23 million farmers, pressing for a strong agriculture sector.