What we do

Feeding the future

A strong Europe needs agriculture; and strong agriculture needs Europe. For the past 60 years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been the glue that holds the European project and agriculture together. Today, they both face challenges, at global and local level, but the objective is still a common one: to feed Europe’s future.

Providing stability

Now and in the future, Europe needs a strong agricultural sector to provide its citizens with safe, affordable, sustainable and high-quality food, creating jobs and maintaining vibrant rural areas. The total output of the European agricultural sector in 2017 was an estimated 430 billion euros, providing employment for 22 million people. In return, farmers and their cooperatives look to the European Union and national governments to deliver prosperity, long-term stability and security.

What we believe

Fostering integration

European farmers, as beneficiaries of the CAP, are well aware that cooperation and common action through European integration are the solution to many of the challenges they face. The European Union has the power to be effective in tackling the specific issues that lie ahead for European farmers and their agri-cooperatives.

Calling for action

However, recent developments across Member States show that European rural areas require greater attention if we are to reverse the surge of Euroscepticism spreading in our communities. The decision in June 2016 by British citizens – many from rural areas – to leave the European Union was a powerful signal and should be seen by the rest of Europe as a call to action.

What we call for

no cuts to the CAP

A strong European Union seeks to deliver not only on the objectives of the Lisbon Treaty, but also on global targets such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. These ambitious commitments need to be supported by a strong budget and efficient policies, guaranteeing the future of agriculture and rural areas. European farmers and agri-cooperatives are dismayed and confused by the European Commission’s proposed cuts to the CAP within the next European Union budget. Such a move actually goes against the EU’s commitments!

Provide simplicity

A strong European Union does not necessarily mean more complexity. The CAP must become easier to implement and administer. Its systems of controls and sanctions must be simplified, especially for its beneficiaries. Simplification is key to ensuring the policy runs smoothly. All Members States must deliver simplification for farmers. As a common European policy, the CAP must be based on common rules.

Strengthen the single market

A strong European Union implies the smooth functioning of the single market. This is fundamental, not only for the European agricultural sector but also in terms of our future relationship with the United Kingdom. On numerous occasions, we have underlined the importance of maintaining the closest possible collaboration between the European Union and the United Kingdom in order to minimize major disruption, while maintaining the integrity of the single market.