Sustainable development goals

What we do

SDGs and farming

The majority of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to provide a comprehensive approach to developing a low-carbon economy and are related to agriculture and forestry in a number of ways. While agriculture can contribute directly or indirectly to all of the SDGs, 13 of them are acknowledged as being closely linked to agriculture and therefore to European farmers and their cooperatives.

What we believe

Partnering in the green economy

The European farming system is considered globally to be one of the most sustainable and efficient forms of agriculture. Having been the leader of green revolutions in the past, we believe that European farmers and agri-cooperatives are both able and eager to retain their role as first producers of food, guarantors of food security and indispensable partners in the sequestration of carbon in the green economy. With its high standards, European agriculture can without a doubt contribute to the achievement of the whole set of Sustainable Development Goals.

What we call for

Recognising farmers’ efforts

Commission’s reflection paper “Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030”. We need to make sure that the efforts made by the European farming sector are fully recognised in future policies relating to all three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. It is of vital importance that policy makers take into account the key role of agriculture in the fight against climate change, and that they bolster farmers’ position throughout food value chains. This ultimately means recognising farmers’ role in providing global food security and in achieving the SDGs. In the future, Europe must ensure that farmers and agri-cooperatives can take full advantage of both traditional and new innovative production methods. It must propose solutions that are adapted to local conditions. Innovation, while being an explicit focus of SDG 9 (build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation), will also play a key role in achieving SDG 2 (end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture). Technological innovation together with innovative business models in agriculture can be the main driver of change in order to ultimately reach all of the Sustainable Development Goals.